iSignify comes in lots of flavors, but in all cases, it's about getting something signed that is as legally binding, (if not MORE so!) than an ink-signed document.

Alpha – this is a product for signing an individual document that needs to be signed. Typically, it's a one time thing. You have something you want someone to sign. Simply upload a document that you create in WORD, save it as a PDF and indicate who should sign it. iSignify will get it to them securely, collect their signature and deliver it back to you. Perfect for anyone delivering a sales contract or a participation agreement.

Gamma - This is the product for use by anyone (individual or professional) who needs to distribute a single document (any number of pages) to many people for signature. A little trickier, but this will collect the signatures of all the signers and return a tracking report for your records. Excellent for team managers, teachers.

Xeta – This is a more complicated product that allows MANY documents to be sent to a designated signer(s). Perfect for the real estate/mortgage industry, this bad boy will track all signer behavior, return completed documents for e-storage and provide tracking reports. Furthermore, if the signing activity is time sensitive, warnings are in place to indicate an alternative action to be taken.

Xeta Plus – This takes it to another level. This product is the fully customized version of Xeta. This makes it look like it's yours. Great for companies who regularly offer signing services to clients.If you want people to come to "your" site and sign a document, iSignify can be private labeled with your logo and branding colors. Inquire within. Own it, for practically nothin'! Best of all, you participate in the revenue.

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